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Whether you seek a video wall to your conference rooms, store, control room or lobbies in Singapore, we offer customised solutions to your needs. Combining clarity and unmatched sharpness, they assure usefulness to any space. With unrivalled visual experience, these video walls communicate brand experience with a sharp impact and bring a world of information with one outstanding digital canvas. You can also engage your audience effectively with video walls, as they tend to provide a host of interactivity options, right from touch and gesture to interfacing with a tablet or smartphone. Let your staff and prospective clients engage and interact with information like never before.

A wide range of ultra narrow bezel large format displays are available for near seamless images and content to create powerful and impactful video walls that are noticed by the people important to you. These high-resolution displays are the perfect solutions for video wall applications in small to medium-sized control rooms. They combine a wide colour gamut for exceptional visual performance. Our video walls can be highly beneficial to a business, as they offer automate many customer service operations and display any kind of information, right from wayfinding in transport applications, advertising goods in retail environments to departure time. You just need to connect to your internal systems and our technology will do the rest for you. Another major advantage is that our video walls enable security personnel to capture security breaches in a quick and efficient manner.

AVS Infotech works with market leaders such as LG & Dell Video Wall and Large Format Displays for varying verticals such as corporate, control room, retail, hospitality, education, etc. Mobiles stands and carts are available as well. Centrally managed or cloud controlled digital signage solutions are also available.

Speak to one of our Video Wall specialists today for a unique Video Wall solution based on your media display requirements. We provide the thinnest space saving Video Wall designs in the current market for the minimum space required for installation. These ultra-thin displays are designed to barely protrude from the wall and blend perfectly into your desired area.

Control and manage your desired contents with ease for your Video Wall with purpose built solutions involving minimal additional hardware and training.

Select from a range of ultra-sharp display qualities and pinpoint colour accuracy which provides consistency across multiple screens and Video Walls to ensure outstanding definition and intensity to impress any audience.

We at AVS Infotech, provide both Indoor and outdoor Video Walls solutions for your unique business requirements, be it indoors in a lighted environment, an area of direct sunlight and even outdoor building facades. Superb heat management systems for the longest lasting hardware operations to get the most of out of your Video Wall investment.

Integrate these large format display (LFD) screens with external hardware such as PCs, Network Storage Devices, Surveillance Cameras to fulfill your business requirements. We provide customization and specialized solutions for your unique industrial needs.

AVS Infotech works with market leaders such as LG & Dell Video Wall and Large Format Displays for varying verticals such as corporate, control room, retail, hospitality, education, etc.

Fingertip control for your lighting, entertainment, security and HVAC

Conveniently manage electronic and electrical equipment through touch-screen interface

Conserve energy with intelligent lighting features

Manage Remote Security with the help of IP-based surveillance solutions

Access high quality, high definition entertainment content via media server in any part of the home


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