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AR based Smart Glass featuring a stunning see-through HD display and packed with innovative applications both B2B and personal. It connectstechnology with our day to day world bringing unparalleled user experience with a greater variety offunctionalities, enhanced specifications and performance.
The AR glasses should be able to pair with both Android and iOS devices to make your smartphone pop off the screen so you you'll be able to answer calls and send messages just by poking around. The MAD Gaze will also be able to pair with wireless keyboards so you can type documents, emails, and messages.
MAD Gaze is more than just an Android phone! Using Augmented Reality technology (AR), the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digital. It is operated by cursor control and voice control with high recognition by optical tracking and voice sensors embedded. Leaving your hands free to handle the millions of other things you have to do. It gives you a reason to keep your head up. They can ease and amplify everyday life. We would love to see this affordable luxury electronics delight users and be broadly available among all nations.

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